One Minute 一分钟

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When people have a date, most of them will not go out of the house on time. For example, if my friends and I make a deal to meet in the park at 8 o’clock, then I will reach there at 8:05. If they call me, I will answer them that I will be there in one minute. Some of my friends are also like this, so we get used to be late for five minutes. 
大多数人约会的时候都不会准时出门。例如,如果我和我的朋友约好 8 点在公园见面,我会在 8 点 05 分才到达那里。如果他们打电话给我,我会跟他们说我一分钟后就到。我有些朋友也是这样,所以我们都习惯了迟到五分钟。

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