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英 [ɪn’sɜːt]     美 [ɪn’sɜːrt]


Before joining NetApp, in 2010, she was group vice president, Information Technology, at Safeway Inc.

Want to know how storage companies like EMC (NYSE:EMC) and NetApp (NTAP) make gobs of money?

Hooker’s customers are some of the biggest names in tech: Cisco, NetApp, Hitachi, SAP.


1. Wuxi HP commercial products are registered dealers (certification number: JSU639), Hewlett-Packard commercial products of diamond dealers, HP Industry Standard Servers Dynamic Growth Partners (serial number: ISS0408207), Hewlett-Packard Industry Standard Server value-added resellers; IBM, SUN, Dell, Oracle (PIN: 397582571904) Wuxi region, business partners, at the same time are WatchGuard firewall, CISCO, NETAPP value-added agents, to provide customers with comprehensive enterprise computer network system integration, Structured Cabling, applications development and Internet/Intranet information security services and many other areas.
无锡琨越科技有限公司是惠普商用产品注册经销商(认证编号:JSU639)、惠普商用产品钻石经销商、惠普工业标准服务器动成长伙伴(序列号:ISS0408207)、惠普工业标准服务器增值经销商;IBM、SUN、戴尔、Oracle(PIN:397582571904)无锡地区的商业合作伙伴,同时是 WATCHGUARD 防火墙、CISCO、NETAPP 的增值代理商,为客户提供全面的企业计算机网络系统集成、结构化综合布线、应用开发和 Internet/Intranet 信息安全服务等诸多领域。

2. In the meantime we are busy performing an audited one-way migration of our known archived data from the Centera cluster over to a NetApp FAS with SnapLock.
同时,我们也在着手调研从 Centera 迁移到其他产品的可能性。

3. DS is the hardware reseller of Cisco、HP、SUN、EMC、ADIC、UIT、3COM、AMP、NEC、LUCENT、IBDN, and the software reseller of Microsoft、CA、Veritas、Novell、ISS、Checkpoint、Oracle、TrendMicro、StoneSoft.
在硬件产品方面,我们先后取得了美国思科公司高级认证代理商、HP 认证代理商、IBM 认证代理商资格,3COM、AMP、NetApp、LUCENT、IBDN 公司的授权经销合作伙伴。

4. Based Internet concern – except that it has cut frills like afternoon tea and an annual ski trip.
财富》说,NetApp 有 55 个空缺岗位,但有 45,898 人排队申请──成功机会只比强力球彩票的中奖几率高一点。

5. Compellent, Dell, HP, NetApp Are Tops in Test
强制性,戴尔,惠普,NetApp 的顶部是在测试

6. Originally I was inviting Dan Warmenhoven, the CEO of the company to have such an interview, and the PR manager at NetApp suggested me to interview Dave, and it turns out it is a good alternative.
本来我邀请丹 warmenhoven,行政总裁的公司有这样的采访,而公关经理了 NetApp 建议我采访戴夫,而原来这是一个很好的选择。

7. Again, we use extendvg to add the NetApp disks to the data volume group (datavg).
同样地,我们使用 extendvg 来将这些 NetApp 磁盘添加到数据卷组(datavg)。

8. Employees are often filled with pride when they receive a call from Mendoza, and note that the program speaks to NetApp’s commitment to creating a culture of appreciation.
员工接到门多萨的来电,都会深感自豪,他们认为这项计划证明了 NetApp 创造感恩文化的承诺。

9. First, we identify the NetApp LUNs which will be used for the data volume group migration.
首先,我们标识出用于数据卷组迁移的那些 NetAppLUN。

10. If you watch the movies Lord of the Rings, the Spiderman, you are indirect customers of NetApp.

11. Any employee can write directly to Mendoza describing how another employee helped the company, helped a customer, or generally exemplified NetApp’s culture.
任何员工都可以直接给门多萨写信,告诉他其他员工帮助公司、帮助客户,或实践 NetApp 文化的举动。
12.NetApp climbed 12 cents to $31.36, and Nvidia rose 3 cents to$16.66.
美商网域股价攀升 12 美分,至 31.36 美元,恩威迪亚股票上涨 3 美分,至 16.66 美元。
13.He’s an entrepreneur and co-founder of NetApp, which is today a 3-billion-dollar storage and data management company.
他是一名企业家,NetApp 公司的创始人之一,如今,该公司已经是一个价值 300 亿的,数据存储与管理公司。
14.The storage team allocated a NetApp LUN (LUNy) to hvio11 and hvio12.
存储团队为 hvio11 和 hvio12 分配了一个 NetApp LUN (LUNy)。
15.NetApp Inc., based in Sunnyvale, California, helpsfilmmakers store and manage all the terabytes of data generated.
16.The NetApp replication solution reduces management complexity and provides cost-effective, tiered disaster recovery, enabling rapid recovery of an up-to-the-second replica of production data.
17.Again, we use extendvg to add the NetApp disks to the data volume group (datavg).
同样地,我们使用 extendvg 来将这些 NetApp 磁盘添加到数据卷组(datavg)。
18.Oracle and NetApp agreed to seek to have the lawsuits dismissed without prejudice
19.NetApp Vice Chairman Tom Mendoza calls about 30 employees each week to thank them for their work.
NetApp 副总裁 TomMendoza 每周会答谢 30 位公司员工,感谢他们为公司所做出的一切。
NetApp 单语例句
1. One of NetApp’s biggest jobs is to expand its market share in China.

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