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英 [‘mæɡnɪfaɪ]     美 [‘mæɡnɪfaɪ]    


v. 放大;夸大



increase in size, volume or significance;

“Her terror was magnified in her mind”

to enlarge beyond bounds or the truth;

“tended to romanticize and exaggerate this `gracious Old South’ imagery”

make large;

“blow up an image”


用作动词 (v.)

I want to magnify my mother’s picture.


Magnify the magnitude of the magnetism.


He is inclined to magnify difficulties.


These groups and individuals magnify hate crimes by blacks in order to back their social agenda.



用作动词 (v.)


magnify all sb’s problems 夸大某人的问题 magnify the image of anything 放大任何东西的图像

magnify the Lord 赞美上帝 magnify the part 夸大作用 magnify the peril 把危险夸大


magnify admirably 极为成功地扩大 magnify advantageously 有效地扩大 magnify amazingly 令人惊异地扩大 magnify automatically 自动扩大

magnify carefully 小心地扩大 magnify considerably 相当大地扩大 magnify consistently 一致地赞美 magnify constantly〔progressively〕 不断地赞美

magnify continuously 继续赞美 magnify curiously 不寻常地赞美 magnify deliberately 有意地赞美 magnify desperately 不顾一切地扩大 magnify elaborately 很难扩大

magnify emotionally 激动地赞美 magnify finally 最终扩大 magnify gloriously 光荣地赞美 magnify heartlessly 无意地赞美 magnify hurriedly 仓促地扩大

magnify intelligently 理想地赞美 magnify interestingly 有趣地赞美 magnify irregularly 无规律地扩大 magnify logically 逻辑性扩大 magnify mechanically 机械地扩大

magnify memorably 值得回忆地赞美 magnify overwhelmingly 过分地赞美 magnify partially 局部地扩大 magnify prodigiously 奇妙地赞美 magnify promptly 迅速地扩

大 magnify purposely 有目的地赞美 magnify righteously 理所当然地扩大 magnify scientifically 科学地扩大 magnify skillfully 技术高超地扩大 magnify slowly 缓慢地扩大

magnify tactfully 巧妙地赞美 magnify temporarily 临时扩大 magnify unconsciously 不自觉地赞美 magnify unreasonably 不合理地扩大 magnify wearily 令人厌烦地赞美


magnify to 夸大到…


过去式: magnified 过去分词: magnified 现在分词: magnifying 第三人称单数: magnifies


enlarge 扩大 expand 使 … 膨胀 increase 增加 extend 延伸 amplify 扩大 augment 增加 blow up 爆炸 exaggerate 夸张 broaden 变宽

stretch 伸展 enhance 提高 intensify 增强 heighten 增加 boost 提高 inflate 使膨胀 dilate 使扩大 embroider 刺绣 distend 扩大 swell (使)膨胀

balloon 气球 overdo 做或表现得过分… aggrandize 增加 hyperbolize 运用夸张法… overdraw 透支 hyperbolise v.=hype… overstate 夸大的叙述

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