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英 [leɪ]     美 [leɪ]    


lie 的过去式.

v. 放置;躺下;打赌;设计;击倒;产卵;使平静;压平

n. 地形;位置;叙事短诗;交媾

adj. 外行的;世俗的



a narrative song with a recurrent refrain

a narrative poem of popular origin


characteristic of those who are not members of the clergy;

“set his collar in laic rather than clerical position”

“the lay ministry”

not of or from a profession;

“a lay opinion as to the cause of the disease”


put into a certain place or abstract location;

“Put your things here”

“Set the tray down”

“Set the dogs on the scent of the missing children”

“Place emphasis on a certain point”

put in a horizontal position;

“lay the books on the table”

“lay the patient carefully onto the bed”

prepare or position for action or operation;

“lay a fire”

“lay the foundation for a new health care plan”

lay eggs;

“This hen doesn’t lay”

impose as a duty, burden, or punishment;

“lay a responsibility on someone”


用作动词 (v.)

You may lay it on the table.


I lay down not so much to sleep as to think.


I’ll lay odds of three to one that he gets the job.


He showed us how to lay out a printed page.


Surveyors lay out Wall Street along the line of the stockade.


They lay eggs from the beginning of July to the middle of August.

它们在 7 月初到 8 月中这段时间产卵。

用作名词 (n.)

He knows the lay of the land here.


Lay more emphasis on combating corruption and advocating integrity.


A lay figure can be placed in any position, or attitude, and clothed in any costume and thus serves as a model for the drapery.


用作形容词 (adj.)

A lay opinion as to the seriousness of the disease.


The lay public must be convinced that this is right and beneficial, and the medical fraternity must be held to the standards of the subuniverse.



用作动词 (v.)


lay a carpet 铺地毯 lay a city〔town〕 flat (地震)把城市〔镇〕夷为平地 lay a course 按计划进行 lay a fire 生火 lay a floor 铺地板 lay a ghost 驱除鬼怪 lay a pipe 铺管道

lay a scheme 策划阴谋 lay a sewer 安装排水管 lay a trap 设圈套 lay a turf 铺草皮 lay a wager 打赌 lay a wreath 献花圈 lay ambush 设埋伏 lay bombs 埋炸弹

lay breakfast 摆好桌吃早饭 lay bricks 砌砖 lay cloth 铺桌布 lay colours 涂颜料 lay doubts 消除疑惑 lay dust 消除尘土 lay eggs 下蛋,产卵 lay explosives 埋炸药

lay facts 陈述事实 lay fine 罚款 lay heads together 研讨计划 lay indictment 提起公诉 lay lunch 摆好桌子吃午饭 lay mines 布雷 lay pavement 铺路面

lay plans 准备计划 lay plaster 抹泥 lay plates 摆菜盘(准备用餐) lay railroad track 铺设铁轨 lay snare 设陷阱 lay spirit 驱除鬼魂 lay submarine cable 铺设海底电缆

lay supper 摆好桌子吃晚饭 lay tempest 平息风暴 lay the basis 打基础 lay the blanket 盖毯子 lay the cloth 铺桌布 lay the crops flat 把庄稼割倒在地

lay the dust 消除灰尘 lay the foundation 奠定基础 lay the land waste 使…成一片荒凉 lay the table 摆好餐具


lay asleep 使入睡 lay bare 露出,揭开 lay flat 使…倒下 lay open 揭发,使…暴露 lay waste 损坏


lay recently 最近铺设 lay squarely 直截了当地提出 lay well 下蛋很多 lay about 乱打 lay across 横着放 lay along 顺着放 lay aside 把…搁在一边 lay book aside 把书搁在一边

lay project aside 放弃这个方案 lay aside the habit of smoking 戒烟 lay away
把…放在一边,积蓄,抛弃,埋葬 lay back 使…向后 lay by 储存,把…放在一边 lay down 放下,放弃,牺牲,制定,建造,储藏 lay down a general policy 制订总的方针 lay down one’s arms 放下武器投降

lay down one’s power 放弃权力 lay down one’s precious life 献出宝贵的生命 lay oneself down to sleep 躺下睡觉 lay in 储备,储存 lay in provisions 贮存食物

lay off 把…放在一边,解雇,停止,打扰 lay off workers 解雇工人 lay on 安排(茶点,娱乐,活动等),提供(交通工具等),安装(水,电,煤气) lay on a next tax 征收一种新税

lay on blows 猛烈打击 lay on water and gas 安装自来水和煤气 lay out 摊开,展开,安排,布置,设计,花(钱、精力等) lay out pictures 设计版面 lay out the meeting 布置会场

lay over 推迟某事 lay to (使)停泊 lay up 储存,使某人因病卧床 lay up a car 把汽车搁置不用 lay up goods 贮藏货物

lay about 向四面八方乱打 lay across 横跨 lay across the river 横跨河流 lay against 靠…放,控告 lay an accusation against sb 控告某人 lay along 顺置,顺着放 lay around 在…周围放置

lay before 摆到…前面,递交 lay report before a meeting 向会议提交报告 lay facts before the committee 将事实提交委员会 lay one’s case before the court 向法院起诉

lay before the House of Commons 递交下议院 lay behind 落后于 lay behind most countries 落后于大多数国家 lay by 放在…旁边 lay for 等待时机,埋伏着等待

lay for the enemies 给敌人设下… lay in 挡路,淹没 lay in the dust 化为灰烬 lay into 狠打,责骂 lay off 停止…,戒掉… lay off alcohol 戒烟 lay on 把…放在…,把…强加于

lay one’s hands on 对…下毒手 lay one’s hopes on 指望,期待 lay stress on 强调 lay on a second coat of paint 再涂一层漆 lay duties on imports 对进口货抽税

lay the books on the desk 把书放在书桌上 lay one’s cards on the table 摊牌 lay over 涂…,覆盖 lay to 把船驶入安全地带 lay to heart 牢记 lay to rest 埋葬,消除

lay claim to the property 争财产所有权 lay under 使某人顺从,使某人服从 lay with 用…铺 lay the road with asphalt 用柏油铺路 lay the yard with straw 将稻草铺在院子里


过去式: laid 过去分词: laid 现在分词: laying 第三人称单数: lays


bet deposit hazard place produce put risk set stake turn out wager

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