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英 [nɒk]     美 [nɑːk]    


v. 敲击;互撞;攻击

n. 敲;敲门;敲打



the sound of knocking (as on a door or in an engine or bearing);

“the knocking grew louder”

negative criticism

a vigorous blow;

“the sudden knock floored him”

“he took a bash right in his face”

“he got a bang on the head”

a bad experience;

“the school of hard knocks”

the act of hitting vigorously;

“he gave the table a whack”


deliver a sharp blow or push :

“He knocked the glass clear across the room”

rap with the knuckles;

“knock on the door”

knock against with force or violence;

“My car bumped into the tree”

make light, repeated taps on a surface;

“he was tapping his fingers on the table impatiently”

sound like a car engine that is firing too early;

“the car pinged when I put in low-octane gasoline”

“The car pinked when the ignition was too far retarded”

find fault with; express criticism of; point out real or perceived flaws;

“The paper criticized the new movie”

“Don’t knock the food–it’s free”


用作动词 (v.)

Someone is knocking at the door.


One may knock to signal one’s presence to others.


He knocked a big hole in the wall.


I am so hurried as to knock into my teacher.


The man is knock down by the bicycle.


She knocked the bottom out of our argument.


用作名词 (n.)

There was a knock at the window.


I heard footsteps, then a knock on the door.


There was no answer to my knock, so I went away.


She took a bad knock when her husband died.


When I fall, I get a terrible knock on the head.



用作名词 (n.)


get the knock 被解雇,遭到失败 hear a knock 听到敲门声 receive a knock 受到挫折 stand the knock 忍受指责 take a knock 受到严重损失


gentle knock 轻轻的敲门声 loud knock 重重的敲门声 good knock 打一局好球 first knock 第一局球 bad knock 损失不少钱财 damaging knock 破坏性的挫折 hard knock 沉重的打击


engine knock 发动机的爆震声

用作动词 (v.)


knock a ball 拍球 knock colds 消除感冒 knock head 撞头 knock sb’s hometown 抨击某人的家乡 knock sb’s play 抨击某人的戏剧 knock such notions 给人以深刻的观念

knock the ash 敲烟灰 knock the bottom of the box 敲箱子底 knock the dust 敲打灰尘 knock the England team 挖苦英格兰队 knock the foreign policy 抨击外交政策

knock the furniture 碰倒家具 knock the glass 打破玻璃 knock the nail 钉钉子 knock the price 降价 knock the wall 拆墙 knock the worry 摆脱忧愁


knock badly 剧烈撞击 knock loudly 发出大声地碰撞 knock about〔around〕 流浪 knock down 撞倒,拆除,挣(钱) knock down a machine 把机器拆卸开来 knock down a plane 击落飞机

knock down an A in history 历史考得优等分数
knock down good money 挣很多钱 knock down some cash 偷一些现金 knock off 停止工作,完成,结束,快速写 knock off a few lines 匆匆写几句 knock off work 歇工

knock out 击倒,使昏迷或入睡,彻底击败 knock out the enemy guards 干掉敌人哨兵 knock oneself out to get through the difficulty 竭尽全力渡过困难

knock oneself out preparing for the experiment 努力为实验做好准备 knock oneself out with excessive work 过度工作而筋疲力尽 knock over 打翻,轻易击败

knock over a lamp 打翻一盏灯 knock up 击打,草率或匆忙地作出 knock up a meal 匆匆做好一餐饭


knock against 偶然碰到 knock at a door 敲门 knock into 将…击打进或撞进,偶然碰到 knock into the old teacher 偶然碰到那位老教师 knock sb off sb’s feet 把某人打倒在地

knock on the door 敲门 knock sb on the head 打某人的头 knock sth on the head 破坏某事 knock sth to pieces 把某物打碎 knock with a bat 用球拍打


过去式: knocked 过去分词: knocked 现在分词: knocking 第三人称单数: knocks



blame censure condemnation criticism defeat failure rejection


abuse censure condemn criticise slam

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