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英 [ɪtʃ]     美 [ɪtʃ]    


n. 痒;渴望;疥癣

v. (使)痒;渴望



a contagious skin infection caused by the itch mite; characterized by persistent itching and skin irritation;

“he has a bad case of the itch”

a strong restless desire;

“why this urge to travel?”

an irritating cutaneous sensation that produces a desire to scratch


scrape or rub as if to relieve itching;

“Don’t scratch your insect bites!”

have or perceive an itch;

“I’m itching–the air is so dry!”

cause to perceive an itch;

“his skin itched”

have a strong desire or urge to do something;

“She is itching to start the project”

“He is spoiling for a fight”


用作名词 (n.)

I’ve got an itch on my back.


He has an itch for money.


用作动词 (v.)

Are your mosquito bites still itching?


The boys were itching for the lesson to end.


He was itching for a chance to show how good he was.



jock itch 股癣,股圆癣,洗衣癣… purulent itch 脓疱性疥疮 summer itch [医] 夏令痒疹… prairie itch 草原痒病 nickel itch 镍痒症 mad itch 伪狂犬病 itch mite 疥螨

winter itch 冬令搔痒 dhobi itch 腹股沟癣 ground itch 钩虫痒病 alkali itch [医] 碱性皮炎… grain itch 谷痒病 water itch [医] 血吸虫皮炎… dhobie itch 洗衣癣, 洗衣员癣…

itch pus [医] 疥疮脓 seven-year itch 疥疮 itch after 老想要 one’s fingers itch 手痒 have one’s fingers itch 极想 have an itch for something 渴望做某事


过去式: itched 过去分词: itched 现在分词: itching 第三人称单数: itches


desire 渴望 craving 渴望 prick 刺 scratch 抓 itchiness itchy 的名词形式… irritate 激怒 prickle (动物或植物上的)刺… tickle 使发痒 long 长的

wish 希望 hanker 向往 yearn 渴望 sensation 感觉 stimulant 兴奋剂 irritation 刺激 tingling 发出叮当声 longing 渴望 eagerness 渴望

hankering 渴望 yearning 渴望 feeling 感觉 rub 擦 urge 驱策 itching 渴望的 scabies 疥疮 spoil 宠坏

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