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英 [ɪn’dʒekt]     美 [ɪn’dʒekt]    


v. 注射;注入;引入;插入



give an injection to;

“We injected the glucose into the patient’s vein”

to introduce (a new aspect or element);

“He injected new life into the performance”

force or drive (a fluid or gas) into by piercing;

“inject hydrogen into the balloon”

take by injection;

“inject heroin”

feed intravenously

to insert between other elements;

“She interjected clever remarks”


用作动词 (v.)

The nurse injected penicillin into her arm.


His medicine is a drug that can be injected or taken by mouth.


His appointment may inject some new life into the committee.


He injected new ideas into the discussion.



用作动词 (v.)


inject the patient 给病人打针


inject admirably 极为成功地注入 inject adroitly 熟练地注入 inject advantageously 有效地注入 inject affectionately 深情地注入 inject automatically 自动注入

inject baselessly 毫无根据地注入 inject carefully 仔细注入 inject casually 漫不经心地注入 inject cautiously 小心翼翼地注入 inject characteristically 具有特色地注入

inject cleverly 巧妙地注入 inject confidentially 秘密地注入 inject consistently 始终如一地注入 inject continuously 不停地注入 inject decisively 决定性地注入

inject deliberately 故意注入 inject determinedly 坚决地注入 inject disastrously 灾难性地注入 inject dramatically 出人意料地注入 inject erroneously 错误地注入

inject falteringly 犹豫地注入 inject fearfully 可怕地注入 inject finally 最终注入 inject formally 正式注入 inject furiously 猛烈地注入 inject gently 轻轻地注入

inject gratefully 感激地注入 inject guardedly 谨慎地注入 inject hastily 匆忙地注入 inject hesitatingly 犹豫不决地注入 inject hurriedly 仓促地注入

inject ignorantly 无知地注入 inject importunately 急切地注入 inject incessantly 持续不断地注入 inject inconceivably 难以置信地注入 inject infallibly 绝对可靠地注入

inject insidiously 不知不觉地注入 inject instructively 有益地注入 inject intermittently 断断续续地注入 inject lightly 悄悄地注入 inject logically 合理地注入

inject madly 疯狂地注入 inject momentarily 顷刻之间地注入 inject murderously 极其危险地注入 inject necessarily 有必要地注入 inject nervously 紧张地注入

inject patiently 耐心地注入 inject philosophically 冷静地注入 inject practically 实际注入 inject recklessly 轻率地注入 inject ruthlessly 无情地注入

inject safely 有把握地注入 inject scientifically 科学地注入 inject sheepishly 胆怯地注入 inject silently 默默地注入 inject skillfully 技术高超地注入

inject soberly 审慎地注入 inject sternly 粗暴地注入 inject systematically 有规律地注入 inject tremulously 大胆地注入

inject unhesitatingly 毫不迟疑地注入 inject unkindly 非善意地注入 inject unthinkingly 不假思索地注入


名词: injector 过去式: injected 过去分词: injected 现在分词: injecting 第三人称单数: injects


insert 插入 vaccinate 接种疫苗 inoculate 给 … 注射疫苗… shoot up 迅速上升,猛增… bring 带来 add 加 introduce 介绍 instil 逐步渗透

instill 逐渐灌输 infuse 注入 fill 装满 intrude 闯入 breathe 呼吸 force into 迫使进入 force 武力 into 到 … 里 shoot 发射

throw in 扔进 come in 进来 interpose 插入 put in 插入 interject 插话

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