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英 [ɪn’kɔːpəreɪt]     美 [ɪn’kɔːrpəreɪt]  


v. 合并;组成公司

adj. 合并的;公司组织的



formed or united into a whole


make into a whole or make part of a whole;

“She incorporated his suggestions into her proposal”
include or contain; have as a component;

“A totally new idea is comprised in this paper”

“The record contains many old songs from the 1930’s”

form a corporation

unite or merge with something already in existence;

“incorporate this document with those pertaining to the same case”


用作动词 (v.)

I will incorporate the new findings in my report.


This company is about to incorporate with its parent company.


We had to incorporate for a company for tax reasons.



用作动词 (v.)


incorporate in 收入 incorporate sth into 把某物并入 incorporate one’s suggestion into the plan 把某人的建议纳入计划

incorporate with 与…合并 incorporate a chemical substance with others 把一种化学物质和其他化学物质混合


形容词: incorporable 名词: incorporation 过去式: incorporated 过去分词: incorporated 现在分词: incorporating 第三人称单数: incorporates


join 连接 unite 联合 combine 联合 merge 合并 absorb 吸收 integrate 整合 contain 容纳 slot in 进入浪头 unify 使统一、使成为一体…

add in 加入 slip in 悄悄进去 include 包括 feature 特征 encompass 围绕 assimilate 使同化 conjoin 结合 embody 使具体化

amalgamate 合并 annex 并吞 intermingle 混合 incorporated 组成公司的 band 乐队 integrated 综合的 unified 统一的 comprise 构成 merged 结了婚的 suck 啜 digest 摘要

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