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英 [hiːt]     美 [hiːt]    


n. 热度;热;热烈;激烈;发烧

v. (使)变热;(使)激动



a form of energy that is transferred by a difference in temperature

the presence of heat

the sensation caused by heat energy

the trait of being intensely emotional

applies to nonhuman mammals: a state or period of heightened sexual arousal and activity

a preliminary race in which the winner advances to a more important race

utility to warm a building;

“the heating system wasn’t working”

“they have radiant heating”


make hot or hotter;

“the sun heats the oceans”

“heat the water on the stove”

provide with heat;

“heat the house”

arouse or excite feelings and passions;

“The ostentatious way of living of the rich ignites the hatred of the poor”

“The refugees’ fate stirred up compassion around the world”

“Wake old feelings of hatred”

gain heat or get hot;

“The room heated up quickly”


用作名词 (n.)

Turn the heat down or your cake will burn.


I can’t walk about in this heat.


Water is changed into steam by heat and into ice by cold.


So desert should take heat with cereus.


In the heat of the argument, Mr. Rogers lost his self-control.


This will relieve the heat of the fever.


When a fever starts and your body tries to elevate its temperature, you feel chilly and may shiver to generate heat.


用作动词 (v.)

We’ll heat some water to wash clothes.


Just heat up the food in the microwave.


That were remarks made in the heat of the moment.


I spoke with a little heat, thinking of the bloody dirk he had hidden in his pocket, and designed, in his ill thoughts, to end me with.



用作名词 (n.)


absorb heat 吸收热量 alleviate the heat 降低热度 bear the heat 忍受暑热 escape the heat 避暑 get away from the heat 避暑 get into a white heat 白热化

give off heat 发出热 glow with heat 因热而发光 keep off the heat 避开热气 melt with heat 因热而熔化 preserve body heat 保持体温 produce heat 产生热

relieve the heat of the fever 退烧 run a dead heat 赛跑不分胜负 say without heat 心平气和地说 speak with heat 讲话激昂 stand heat 受得了热

suffer from the heat 受炎热之苦 put the heat on sb 对某人施加压力 take the heat off 解除压力 turn off the heat 关闭暖气 turn on the heat 开暖气

turn the heat on sb 对某人施加压力 withstand extreme heat 经受住酷热


blistering heat 灼热 dry heat 干热 electric heat 电供暖 gas heat 煤气供暖 glowing heat 白热 intense heat 酷热 intolerable heat 难以忍受的炎热

nuclear heat 核热能 radiant heat 辐射热 red heat 赤热,炽热 solar heat 太阳热能 stifling heat 闷热 sweltering heat 酷热 white heat 白热


animal heat 体温 blood heat 血液的温度 body heat 体温 fever heat 高烧,狂热 steam heat 气暖


at a single heat 一口气 at low heat 以低热度 in〔on〕 heat (雌性哺乳动物)处于交尾期或发情期 in a heat 在发怒 in the heat of the moment 一时激动之下


heat of the day 白天最炎热的时刻

用作动词 (v.)


heat sb’s imagination 激发某人的想象力 heat some water 烧一些热水


heat automatically 自动加热 heat beneficially 有利地激发 heat comfortably 适当地加热 heat destructively 破坏性地诱发 heat excessively 加热过度

heat fiercely 加强热 heat intensely 强烈地激发 heat oppressively 难以忍受地激发 heat properly 适当地加热 heat slowly 慢慢地加热

heat up 将…加热,变得活跃〔激烈〕 heat up inflation 加剧了通货膨胀 heat up the cold meat 将凉肉热一热


be heated at 被加热到…度 heat sb into anger 使某人发怒 heat to 把…加热到…度 heat with charcoal 用炭火加热 heat with passion 情绪激动


过去式: heated 过去分词: heated 现在分词: heating 第三人称单数: heats



hotness warmth excitement fervour passion


hot up warm

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